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March 15, 2008



I am a little shocked that a minister is living this type of lifestyle in a very affluent home.....MMMM



Betty Mirex

Well, after looking at those interior pictures, I'd have to say, like her friends, Jan and Paul Crouch and Benny Hinn, not only is she a false teacher, she also has absolutely no taste! Patoooooey!


She is not catholic, so she doesn't have to live a poor life.
Scripture and verse in which it says we have to live a poor life style. What about Solomon?

Private Inurement

Doug Holtzmann is her SON-IN-LAW!!! Laura (nee MEYER) Holtzmann is her eldest daughter. Why are we NOT surprised by this!!!


owe jealous spirits i bind you in the name of jesus. i release. the spirit of repentance and joy into your mist in jesus name may the poweod consume your heart and soul and mind so that you to may recieve abundant blessings in our inheritance in christ. not all of us will have to wait to get our mansions in heaven. god bless you joyce and family.Our PAPA SAYS HE WANTS TO POUR OUT A BLESSING THAT WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STAND. HE ALSO WANTS TO BLESS US FAR ABOVE AND BEYOND ALL WE CAN ASK THINK OF IMAGINE STEVE. GOD LOVE YOU TO SWEET REPENTACE AND JOY UNSPEAKABLE. LOVE YOUR SISTER MANDY IN CHRIST.MWA I LOVE YOU JOYCE LIKE A MOTHER...THANK YOU FOR YOUR OBEDIENCE.

Niki L

Joyce went from poor to blessed, she did as God asked!God wants us to enjoy our blessings!!! Shes a very busy lady!Look at all she has done!! I believe she is very deserving!Shame on those who are jealous!U will never have anything with that attitude!

Tiffany rena

why are you guys hating? Joyce meyer is beyond blessed because she has obeyed God! she has gone through tough times in her life yet, God has blessed her because she was obedient! she forgave her father for sexually abusing her,she has a passion for God and she obeyed HIM when he told her to quit her job so she can start her calling...to teach! so instead of being jealous why dont you just be happy that your sister in christ is being blessed! God doesnt have favorites so you too can have what she has and more if you build a strong relationship and share the gospel with those who dont know Christ! If i were you i would repent cuz with that attitude you wont go no where in life!


Haters! Thats okay though. God loves haters too! :-)


Lets all top it off like this. "Are they role modeling after Billy Gram, who lives such as a true minister does."? Look on the internet for yourselves he lives in no sprawling hill side mansions, so you know where where his ministrey money goes.

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